Saturday, September 1, 2012

It Never Gets Old!

     I am thinking ahead towards tomorrow. I am doing tomorrow's post today, partly because I try to keep some semblance of the Sabbath and partly because I want to get the information out in enough time for anyone that may want to purchase some of the great children's storybooks that are on sale through MeeGenius-the publishing group that published my storybook.
     I want to share several of the titles that are listed in this great sale-from my fellow authors that have books produced by MeeGenius. I also just wanted to put that sentence in print. It never gets old. It will never get old. I will never tire of being able to say, "my fellow authors." This has been one of the greatest priviledge's that I have had since my little storybook earned a contract through MeeGenius' Author Challenge Contest back in March. And yes-my little storybook was published very near to my birthday-thus making it one of the best presents ever. I never get tired of saying that either.
     In honor of the Labor Day Weekend Holiday and in honor of all the kids going back to school, MeeGenius is running a fabulous sale. Fifteen great titles are on sale for around 33% off. I am always happy when there is a promotion that aims to make reading materials available to as many children as possible. These books have great story contents and also have great read along features and fabulous graphics, all are a  real pleasure to read! Please check this out when you have a moment.


Antonio's Dream

Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism

I'm Not Afraid of Anything

The Big Fuzzy Coat

The Reluctant Caterpillar

The Loud Little Lady

Herbster Readers: The Most Unbelievable First Day Of School

Jungle Orchestra

Beethoven's Monster
Pajama Girl

Floppity Phillip Flaut

 And--last---but certainly not least-in my eyes---my little storybook. :)

 Green Goo

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