Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Inspiring Art

     So often we just drift through our days and don't really notice all the little delights that are right before us. Fortunately, I have had some great teachers, friends, and family that have taught me to pay attention to even small daily details, that it is in these where I will find happiness to sustain me through whatever difficulties I encounter.
     The other night I was at the local brew pub with some of my friends and one of them gave a picture to me and my brother. It was a piece she had been working on as an example for her class she was teaching. My brother was able to take that piece, cut it, frame it, and create two fabulous pictures from the one original picture so now we both have art work from our dear friend to hang on our wall.
     I was excited to have this picture, It is an illustration where my friend was teaching certain concepts to her class, the first class she has ever taught. She took a piece of pizza and personified it-gave it feeling, emotion, made it into a comic book character.
     I was thrilled to rush home with my newly framed picture to hang it on the wall by a painting another friend of mine did several years back. Happily, both of these artists are friends of each other as well as being my friend. I put Anna Lisa's pizza on the wall next to Dennis' picture of the driver traveling down the country road. 
    The two pieces go well together in my mind for what they represent-new beginnings. Anna Lisa's is from her first professional teaching experience. Dennis' piece was used in a post card for his first art show from when he finally broke the shackles of the factory we both had toiled in. He lead the way, chasing after his creative dreams, using his true talents. It was years before I was able to break forth, following suit, and chasing my own dreams as a writer and college graduate.
    I am so very fortunate to have original artwork from my friends to share in my home with all who visit me. Their work will inspire me to keep working for my own goals and dreams, to keep sharing my talents and stories.