Saturday, January 6, 2018

Already a Wash?

     Toward the end of last year I really enjoyed seeing all the videos on a popular social media page that showed individuals that made commitments of a 100 days to some sort of endeavor and then recorded their journey. It didn't matter to me if it had to do with weight loss or facing fears, I found it all pretty exciting and inspiring.
     This seemed like such a better way to set a goal, as opposed to committing to a WHOLE year with a New Year's Resolution. Surely, I could handle 100 days, right? I just needed to decide what aspect of myself I would work on for that 100 days. 
     Would it be best to focus on healthy habits, maybe making sure to eat fruits and vegetables each day for a 100 days or doing some sort of exercise to strengthen various sagging body parts?
     Maybe I should write a page a day for 100 days. If I worked on a screenplay, that would finish a whole screenplay. It could be a good start to a mystery novel or it could equal a little over three picture-book manuscripts.
     I brought up the subject to one of my brothers. He said he knew one person that was going to try to do one good deed each day for 100 days. WHAT?!?! As resolutions so often are for focusing on self, it never occurred to me to make the 100 days about anyone else. Now I had a whole other aspect to consider.
     After much pondering, I finally came upon an idea that might fit all these various categories. I could write notes. 100 days of writing messages to send to people. This would help me work on my writing, at the very least causing me to have more discipline toward writing than I ordinarily do on my own. One point of the notes would be to express some sort of gratitude or admiration for the individual that I am giving it to. This would help me to have a healthier mind and body as I focus on gratitude, something I always need help with doing. Hopefully this will also help brighten other people's days in a small way, thus at least doing something small for another.
     Feeling pleased with my plan, I was excited to begin in the new year, only, I didn't. I started out the year with some sort of virus that robbed me of strength, focus, and a desire to even get out of bed. I produced copious amounts of mucus, spending days hacking and blowing and feeling so very sorry for my self.
     I already felt defeated. I had already looked on the calendar and had marked my 100 days, April 10. Only now, I did nothing for the first 5 days of the year. In the past this would have been enough for me to just give up the whole project. Not this time, as it is a new year with a new attitude.
     I am starting my new year 5 days late. And that is okay. My first note has been completed and I am ready to work on the next 99!