Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Inspired to Give Away

     I have been blessed in so many ways, by so many people that have shared with me and encouraged me along my life journey. I have also had an abundance of help on my path to becoming a published author. So many people have assisted and inspired me.
     Some of the main people that have helped me have been my family. I was always taught to write what you know. I find so many incidents in life can inspire a story, or a plot point or a character. Many of my family members have been the inspiration for my writings.
     Many years ago, eight and a half to be exact, I was about to be married. Our niece was 9 and a half and our flower girl. She was poised, charming, and cute as could be in her lovely dress. She was already beginning to explore her talents and the things she enjoyed doing-singing, dancing, and theater. she was a natural as a flower girl.
     At our rehearsal dinner, someone made a stray comment about how everyone better watch out or the sweet little girl might become a diva one day. She had no clue what that meant and it was not an easy concept to explain.
     I took that little snippet and rolled it around in my brain for months. It later became "Emily Cat's Tale" and was my second storybook that I had digitally published.
     That little girl is now 18. And as a way to thank her for being an inspiration in so many ways to her friends and family-my publisher, MeeGenius.com, and I are giving away free downloads of this storybook through Sunday evening August 31st. Please follow the link for your free download of "Emily Cat's Tale."