Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More about Cookies

     My mind is buzzing. There are so many things I want to write about, to explore, to share, and to learn more about from others. It is hard to know where to start in this quest. It seems so daunting when I look at the empty blog space stretching before me. I almost feel as if my mind will collapse from being overwhelmed.
     That is when my self preservation mode kicks in, or perhaps a slight tendency toward being easily distracted is a better description. Just as I begin to panic about relevance and message, staying on point and being focused in storytelling, I again start thinking about cookies.
     What shall I make for July's cookies? Will I do the traditional stars? Will this be the first time that I attempt to make flag cookies? That panicky feeling quickly fades away as a wave of calm washes over me. I love to bake/make/create cookies. I enjoy eating them, but decorating them brings me just as much pleasure!
     The creating of cookies brings me so much happiness that I want to share that feeling in the next children's story that I am working on editing right now. One of the main elements of the story has to do with cookies. I am thinking this may become part of my "thing" as a trait that is common to all of my works. My previous children's storybook that has been digitally published through MeeGenius.com, "Green Goo," also features a food that I really like.
     I thought about sharing a recipe for "Green Goo" in the storybook, but did not. I will definitely feature my grandma's cookie recipe in the new storybook I am working on submitting. This will be one small way for me to honor someone who means so very much to me.
     I also am hoping that some of my favorite decorated cookies pictures can be featured in the new storybook. For now, I will share some of those photos right here. The pictures are of cookies that I have made for the Red Cross Veteran's Home Project or for some other charity events that I have donated to over the years. I hope you enjoy looking at this as much as I enjoyed making them.

     These dear little snowmen are fun to make. I made the hats and scarves maroon and gold as per the school colors for an at event for fundraising for this particular school.

     These cookies were my take on the classic "Conversation Hearts" candies that one sees at Valentine's each year. These were for the veteran's home.

     These are a fun way of "coloring" eggs at Easter.

     These are my regular star cookies.

     Some acorns, leaves, and pumpkins for autumn.

     Turkeys and more pumpkins at Thanksgiving.
     Packaged Christmas cookies that are ready for delivery.

     One of my favorite activities is decorating "ornament" cookies. I love to think of little details and designs.

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