Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Accidental Blogger

     I wanted to write a comment on a friend's blog. The format wouldn't allow me to leave my words of wisdom unless I picked which blog address I was writing from at that moment. This was very frustrating for me as I did not, at that time, possess a blog of my very own.
     That  has now changed.
     People have been advising me for some time that as a writer, I was quite remiss for not having a blog. The concept rather boggled my mind. When I write, I agonize over each word. I consider words to be treasures. They should be used carefully and sparingly. How would I ever be able to part with words on a daily basis, in a way to really connect with a reader? I research and slowly bring together the plots, characters, and descriptions, allowing them to ferment in my imagination for days, weeks, months.
     I intend to explore the stories I am working on and the stories of daily life that I encounter amongst friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances.
     I want to be something of a tourist, writing to share life experiences with my community. An accidental blogger, if you will.


  1. Good start and glad you got on board. It's fun and challenging, but knowing you i think you will love it :) Mike N

  2. Please fix the first sentence. It's the kind of thing that will stop people from continuing to read. "I wanted to...." Just a suggestion.

    1. Thank you for your correction and your discerning eye! Critiques are the best form of encouragement.There is such an opportunity for learning when one listens.That is when real growth and change can occur!

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