Saturday, May 4, 2013

Speaking of Change...

     Ever since the beginning of my career in production manufacturing, I have had to get used to the idea of logos to convey concepts in large group settings. One of the popular ones has always been the one that deals with the concept of change being good.
     Another one that is every popular right now is the concept that we need to be flexible in this ever changing world stage for manufacturing. Both of these concepts can be quite wearing on the average individual. Most of us are creatures of habit, homebodies that like to know what we can reasonably expect to experience out of each day we encounter.
     In a round about way, I actually address some of these very issues within the pages of the children's storybook that I wrote a while back. On the surface, the story seems to be a fun rhyming book that is a description of what happens when a little boy is disappointed by the pile of food he finds on his plate at dinner time.
     But as the story progresses, the reader gets a real feel for what is going on in the boy's mind. His imagination is on fire. It is being fueled by his fears. He doesn't like the smell, look, or texture of what he has found on his plate. He is soon overwhelmed by his anxiety and his fear that his sister may make fun of him.
     His parents then step in and provide the nurturing understanding that he needs in that moment. They describe to him what the food is and how it is made. As the young boy replaces his fear with information, he is able to make the empowering choice of trying something new. With his new found confidence, he discovers he really does like the new food.
     I have found that the basic concepts I share throughout the story are at the root of what I need to do to keep moving forward towards a successful, fulfilling, happy life. If I diligently seek out information through reading, seeking advice of peers and mentors, and through experimenting with new situations; I am also better able to make empowered choices and am able to help others do the same.
     Change is still overwhelming at times, but I am learning how to embrace it; whether it is in seeking to change the format of my blog, creating a script version of my storybook, or transferring to a new department at my day job. Being equipped with information is one way to reign to embrace change in a positive way. It isn't easy to make changes, but it can be very rewarding and lead to unimagined success.