Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Success Is Not Mine Alone

     I don't often watch the news, I must confess. I do most of my reading of the news online. I may be partly responsible for the demise of print media. I generally try to read from our local media outlets online; the local newspapers, televisions stations, and radio station feeds.
     I also often check the Yahoo news headlines after I have checked my email. I rely on this group and the postings of videos on my friend's Facebook pages to help me stay aware of the current issues being discussed by various news programs.
     As is often the case, I am sure much of what I read and see is taking totally out of the context that the speaker originally meant his thoughts and words to be nestled in. I sometimes try to then track down entire speeches or debates. I like to think that I make at least a minimal effort to remain informed about the problems that are plaguing our communities.
     Sometimes I discover that my abbreviated understanding of what the speaker was trying to say really is more to the point of the intention of the words. Other times I discover it was way off base. Almost always I think that I am better off with whatever happy spin I had put on the speaker's words or intentions.
     Apparently some people are extremely upset with some things our President had to say. I listened to a clip that was posted by a friend of mine. I decided that the three minutes I heard was more than enough to support what I believe to be true. It may or may not have been what he was trying to say. His statements had to do with success and how we credit our successes.
     To be fair to those that got all red and worked up with his words, I do agree that our success depends in part on our own efforts. I have always tried to do my best, keep my nose to the grind stone, and do the leg work so that I just might be prepared if and when opportunity decided to show up and knock on my door. I would not have had those skills or desires, however, if there had not been parents, teachers, friends' parents, friends, aunts, uncles,grand-parents, and assorted other relatives that put lots of time and effort into leading me and teaching me how to be ready to work and how to make fairly good choices.
     I spent two decades working on my degree. I spent just as long writing and re-writing stories and tales that no one else will ever see. You could say that I was preparing myself for a success that I could only hope and dream of; it certainly was evident that it would ever be a reality.
     The only reason I kept going with my dreams was the occasional kind word from friends in my writing groups or a small success in a story I wrote as a gift for a friend and having it be well received by them.
     I was forever entering contests for years. Then I got to the point where I was tired and felt foolish. It seemed time to put these schemes to an end. I still entered a few small contests. It was through one of those that I found a contest about a chance to have a storybook published.
     I took the last of my courage and set straight to work. I had the story ready and sent in within a few days.   You could say that it was through my being ready and doing the work that this was able to happen. But I wouldn't have been ready at the time the opportunity presented itself if there hadn't been people that challenged and encouraged me along the way.
     I entered the contest. It would become a matter of a popular vote. The story was good and I did the best I could with the editing, but I still would need to rely on the help of others. I shared my dreams with as many people as I could. Yes, it took my work and my efforts. It took my perseverance. But it also took thousands of people to help me find the success that I have had. Thousands of people had to be willing to take a moment and honor me and my dream with some of their own time and effort. They had to stop what they might have been doing. They read what I had written and then voted for the story.
     After all the encouragement I have been given, I am determined to encourage others. Another fabulous children's book author I know has decided to share other authors books on her blog pages to help introduce them to new reading audiences. I plan to share other authors and their works as well in honor of all the help and blessings I have been given.
     My success is not mine alone. I didn't do this on my own.

     Featured book for today's blog is by Sarah Perry.


  1. You are such a generous writer, as well as mind blowingly talented! I hope more opportunities and blessings come your way!

  2. T.Z, thank you for your kind heart and encouraging words! Your efforts and your blog have been a great example for me to follow!