Sunday, March 7, 2021

Role of a Lifetime

    There are things we are just born to do. Sometimes you feel it when you have a dream in your heart and work towards it. It just feels right, even when you are not at your goal or full ability, you get in the groove of the work of pursuing that dream and it makes your soul sing. It doesn't matter if you spend most of your days hot, sweaty, and tired, or buried under piles of research and deadlines, you have happiness in the pursuit of the dream goal or role.

    If you are in the creative arts, you may have roles on the stage or in film that you long to play. Or there may not be that exact  role that you long to play, so you write that ideal role and produce that film yourself, creating that role that you know you were born to play, to tell that story you know you were meant to tell.

    Really, we all have multiple roles we are meant to play, in our lives and the lives of others. One of my main roles was being my dad's daughter, his first born child. It is a role I love and cherish. It is the role of a lifetime. I know that roles does not end, but it has drastically, and I need to figure out how to play this version of the role. 

    I loved the role I had, even as it evolved to be not just my dad's daughter but his caregiver and advocate. I suppose now part of my role is to be caretaker of his memory. I am still working out how to succeed at that, as well as how to develop some of the secondary roles in my life, to bring them to the forefront as I work with the fact that my favorite and best role has changed forever.