Friday, August 31, 2012

So Happy...

     Some days you wake up lucky; the sun is shining, the air is relatively clear, and for no good reason you feel happy. Of course, for me, it helps that I have the day off  work for the holiday weekend. Really, that has a lot to do with my almost giddy state.
     There are also no pressing chores. Sure, there is yard work or housework to be done, but nothing will collapse or grind to a halt if it is ignored for the morning. Even though I am not going anywhere, I have that sensation I get when I am on an actual vacation.
     I feel light and free. All worries or doubts have momentarily vanished. When I actually do go on vacation, there is a mind game I like to engage in that allows me to really relax. I pretend that I am a person of leisure, that I have a trust fund I live off of, and that I never have to think about going back to work ever again. It really does work for me. It allows me to truly, deeply relax.
     It also helps that I live in the state of Michigan. You are never very far from water of some sort-rivers, creeks, inland lakes, and the Big Lakes. I am blessed-only about twenty minutes away from a state park on Lake Michigan.
     If I leave now, I can still get in a morning swim before it gets too crowded. That will guarantee a great start to my day!


  1. Wow! That pic looks like an actual beach! I mean, it IS an actual beach but it looks like one I might see on Cape Cod where I used to live. Sometimes I'm amazed by 'lakes' that are like oceans.

    And I do the same thing when I'm on vacation. Pretend I'm never going back to work :)

    ps I'd love to follow you but can't find a button to do so.

    pss scrolled down and admired your cookies. Wow! They are fantastic!

  2. Well, (blushing) it is one of the big lakes-as we Michiganders say-it is Lake Michigan. :)

    I do love baking the cookies for the Red Cross-they are my artistic expression-my works of art as well as works of the heart.

    When I am looking at my page--there is a task bar on the right side-the very edge--and if you click on it-it pulls out-and the bottom button can be clicked to subscribe---as far as I know-I activated it properly---but maybe not???


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