Saturday, August 18, 2012

Encouraging My Fellow Travelers

     As I have started this new path on my journey as a writer, trying to create and maintain a blog, I have had help and encouragement from many people. As a way of thanking a few of them, I would like to introduce you to their blogs. I was fortunate to receive this recognition from a fellow blogger and want to pass this along to some of the blogger's that I read rather frequently. I hope you will take a moment to check out some of these interesting, creative, and often visual blogs. I have learned so very much from each of these individuals. Each of these writers is deserving of this award for a variety of reasons.

     T.Z. Wallace has been a generous and thoughtful guide along my writing journey. She approaches her blog in a clear and realistic way as she chronicles her journey of completeing the novel that she is working on and hoping to complete soon. I find myself rooting for her success while being encouraged by her journey.

     A blogger that I particularly enjoy is Deborah Mendez Wilson. Her blogs are so vivid and rich in detail I feel as if I am right there in the moments that she is writing about and able to experience what she is describing.

     One of my newest favorite blogs is an enticing visual journey that explores delectable dishes created by talented actress/photographer/cook/director/producer, Christine Elise.

     Another blog that has many fabulous photographs is by Kristen Dunn. 

     When I find myself in need of inspiration or needing to get outside of my own perspective, I really enjoy Beth Arnstein's blog.

     Another visually stunning blog is kept by my friend Mike Nedza. He is a writer and fisherman that is deeply concerned about environmental issues.

     Each one of these writers has a unique perspective that they readily voice. They are all great to interact with and would appreciate hearing from new readers. I hope you will take a moment and check out what they are working on as they share their journey with us all.



  1. thanks for coming over to my blog! I'd love to follow you but can't find a way to do so...?

    also really liked your post about your kitty, Taz.

    1. For some reason-the task bar is on the right side--and you have to click at the right border---you can just see the edge of the 4 boxes. I am still working on correcting this---one of those boxes should be for following. I hope. I am still trying to figure this all out. And thank you for your kind words about Taz. He is missed.


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