Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My 3rd Storybook Is Released!

     I am super excited to be able to share with you that my 3rd storybook has been published through This one is entitled, "Who Are You?" It features a little boy who wonders how he can help the new girl in his class feel welcome. It features love, cookies, and wise advice from Mom.
     It also has a few personal touches interwoven in the story from me.The new little girl at school is named Marie. This is in honor of my grandmother. I didn't have a chance to tell her this. I found out the book had been accepted for publication just days before my grandma's 99th birthday. I didn't tell her at the little party we had on her birthday because I didn't want to distract from the party or her being the center of attention by talking about my book. I planned to tell her about this on Valentine's Day when I went to visit, sort of as my Valentine to her. I never got that chance as she passed away on February 3rd.
     I also named the teacher in the storybook with the last name of one of my best friends from my childhood days, Jenny Fopma, thus the wise "Miss Fopma" is leading the class with her good advice. It is also a shout out to Kerry and Eileen Fopma as well.
     The third book release is just as exciting as the first book release. When you have a moment-please follow the link and enjoy the preview of the book. Then consider maybe buying the book for one of your favorite young readers.

And here is a Pinterest Page for the new storybook:

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