Saturday, December 7, 2013

Magical Time of Year

     So, for me, even as an adult, this is still a magical time of year. I eagerly anticipate the first snows. I enjoy the hanging up of  lights, getting a tree or putting up our artificial one, putting up ornaments, and baking cookies.
     I love the way the first snows blanket the world, changing the landscape into something vaguely familiar, yet newly beautiful and sparkly. The way the holiday lights interact with the crystals in the flakes is truly a wonder to me.
     And, yes, it gets a bit too hectic for me at times. Stress and other joy busters try to drop by for their annual holiday visits but I encourage them to leave as quickly as possible and not leave tracks in my freshly decorated house.
     I have had so many extra blessings added in to this already busy holiday season. I started a new job, which I am extremely grateful for and anticipate that I will really enjoy as I learn more each day. I also had the added bonus of receiving an email last weekend alerting me to the fact that my second storybook, "Emily Cat's Tale" had been released for digital publication.
     Then, I found out that my friend and fellow author, Jennifer Young, wanted to do an interview with me and two other MeeGenius authors that were releasing their second storybooks as well. I am truly blessed to have the support of a great online writing community and a fabulous publishing/production team at MeeGenius to support me as a writer!
      When you have a moment-please check out Jennifer's blog and the interview she wrote up.

     Also, when you have another spare moment, please check out this link to a preview of the first few pages of "Emily Cat's Tale" and perhaps, consider buying it as a gift for one of your favorite young readers in your life. It's a cute little story based on an incident with my niece when she was quite a little girl, back when she was the flower girl in our wedding.
     This is a brief description of the book:
          "Emily Cat is getting ready for her big role in the town play! Her whole family is
     even going to watch. Read along to find out if Emily will strike it big, or the
     curtains will come down around her!"

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