Saturday, June 29, 2013

True Confession

     The latest project I am involved in has come as quite a surprise to me. I am involved in a project that takes my storybook that was digitally published last year and transforms it into an interactive children's theater program.
     Well, there are really so many aspects of this that are surprising to me. First of all, it is always a pleasant surprise to have such a great opportunity to do something new. Second of all, it is a surprise to be working on a project in a medium that I had never considered working in before.
     Ever since I was a young child and saw Star Wars for the first time, my heart has always been captivated by film. I had wished fervently to work in that industry. Maybe someday I will, maybe someday I won't. If I have learned anything in the last couple years, it is that all things are still possible no matter where you are in your life journey.
     But then there is my weird issue that I have with theater. I must confess-I actually find it somewhat distressing to go to a show. It is my own odd hang up. I have enjoyed every show I have been to, but they have fatigued me. It is difficult to watch the actors in a drama as they bring to life the sufferings of the characters. It is all too real. I actually worry for them as they bring to life such strong emotions.
     I suppose that is why I have always preferred film. The screen separates me from the intensity of what the actors are bringing to the roles they are playing. When I write, I have always pictured the scenes of the story unfolding as a mini film in my mind. I had never seen any of my stories in a theater format.
     That being said, it has been thrilling to have donated my time and efforts to the writing of a base script for the interactive children's theater experience presentation of my storybook Green Goo. I am very much looking forward to seeing it performed live at Deanna's Playhouse July 9-12. The show time is 10am. The tickets are $5 a person. I am most looking forward to the songs that Mindy Gerdes has written for this presentation!
     In an effort to aid True JEM Productions in this presentation, a Kickstarter Campaign has been started. I have made a donation to this as well. Hopefully other folks will consider joining me in helping out this theater company in launching their learning programs for kids.
     There is even an amusing video interview with the rather awkward author of Green Goo. All you have to do to find out more is follow the link to watch the brief and informative video.

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