Saturday, February 9, 2013

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     It has been a week of extremes for me. To be fair, each week usually has its ups and downs.  Though there are highs and lows,  most of them don't stray too far off course of our day to day existence so we don't feel the full impact of them most of the time. But then there are weeks like this one.
     It started with my grandmother passing away early Sunday morning.  That in itself was understandable. She had lived a long time and was more than ready for this to happen. She closed her eyes and woke up to eternity. I was taken aback only because she has been such a huge part of my life. I am happy for all the great memories I have that will soon move in to fill the hole that has been left in my heart by her passing.
     I am finding that the best way to honor my memories of such a treasured loved one is to embrace the opportunities that life has offered me. This moment is  about one of the extreme high points of my week when I had the privilege of sharing my storybook with students at a local Holland elementary school. It was such fun to share my words with eager young readers and writers. We enjoyed finding all the rhymes within the text of  "Green Goo."
     Over the course of the last few days I have baked cookies for The Holland Area Beekeepers Association's bee school. This class is all about introducing the public to the concepts of beekeeping and what it takes to get started in maintaining hives of your own and how that benefits our communities.

     This was the first time that I have made cookies since my grandmother's passing. It was an honor for me to be able to use her sugar cookies recipe to make some of the snacks that the students will be enjoying during their breaks at beekeeping school.
     Then, since I had bees on my mind I decided to check out the large library of books that Green Goo's publisher,, has on hand to see if there were any that dealt with bees or beekeeping. Happily, there is a charming little storybook that I can share with you titled "Buzzy the Bumblebee."


     Making these cookies, thinking about bees, and discovering this storybook reminded me that spring will again be here soon. Life has its cycles and all the moments are to be lived to their fullest and treasured because you never know when you might find your heart's fondest memories.

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