Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day Changer

     Today I was once again reminded that life is a lot like the weather in Michigan. If you don't like what is happening, stay calm as things could change for the better at any moment.
     I was having a less than great day. I had allowed myself to become frustrated with small details such as a project at work, a lack of progress with a writing project, and judging my abilities at interacting with others.
     I was to the point of being so frustrated that I was ornery the minute I walked in the door after I ran around town chasing through my errands after work. I am fortunate that my husband was readily available and able to talk me into a cheerier mood within moments. Then a friend of mine shared some great news with me about my storybook from last year. She alerted me to a newsletter that had went out from our publisher, MeeGenius. Among new users of their app my storybook "Green Goo" is currently trending #1.
     Due to my friend and fellow author, Jennifer Young, being so thoughtful and sharing this with me, my mood and outlook instantly improved. I am so grateful that she took a moment out of her hectic day to share these encouraging words with me.
     I want to actively express my gratitude to Jennifer by sharing her storybook with you. She has written a delightful book called "Poison Apple Pie." I encourage you all to buy and read it. It will be a fabulous addition to your virtual book shelf!

This is the link to her storybook:

I also want to share a link with you to the newsletter that our Publisher MeeGenius sent out that featured my good news:

I am so grateful and amazed at the support I have received in chasing my dreams of being a published author/story teller. Thank you all!


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    1. Hi Terri, you're so incredibly sweet. Wow, thank you for sharing my book on your blog. I'm so flattered. Also, I'm sorry to hear you were feeling down earlier. Those types of mornings are not my favorite either. Glad you are all cheered up! Again, congrats on Green Goo's popularity. That's wonderful :)

    2. Jennifer,
      It is always wonderful to be encouraged-especially by a fellow author! I was pleased and happy that your fabulous storybook was featured on the MeeGenius Home Page. 2013 is already proving to be an exciting year!


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